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April 2021

Bearing Crosses and Hope (Equatorial Guinea)

March 2021

I Set You Apart (Equatorial Guinea)

Winter 2021

Jesus on the Horizon (Rabinal)

December 2020

The Wondrous Gift (Children of our Missions)

November 2020

No Healing without Peace (Iraq)

October 2020

Dwelling at Earth's Farthest Bounds


September 2020

Poverty, Pandemics, and Possibilities


Summer 2020

Representing Jesus: Ministry in Time of Crisis


June 2020

North to Alaska


May 2020

Between the Heart and the Heavenly Father



April 2020

A Moment of Reflection



March 2020

A Moral and Spiritual Imperative

(San Cristóbol de las Casas, Chiapas)

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