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Ayene, Equatorial Guinea

The Congregation of Dominican Sisters of Christian Doctrine serves at this mission in Ayene, a remote, impoverished village where over two-thirds of the population survives on less than a dollar a day. The Sisters work tirelessly to incorporate Dominican traditions of liturgy and education against the backdrop of rampant poverty and an unstable and corrupt political climate, tribal wars and accompanying atrocities, blatant human trafficking, and the threat of ebola, AIDS, and other diseases. Our primary focus is in the area of education, supporting the school that the Sisters run as they strive to instill trust and bring the light and compassion of Jesus into the classroom and the home. It is our hope that eventually a better future for the children can be achieved—one where they can be allowed to grow in every sense, where they learn to live with mutual respect, and where their dignity as human beings is acknowledged.  

     San Francisco, California

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