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Common Goals

The ‘mission’ of our Mission Foundation—which has been maintained by each of its Directors within his own individual approach and techniques—is that to be economically transformative and regenerative, faith must be brought down to earth to connect with the practical matters of daily life. We endeavor to ease the suffering and improve the quality of life, spiritually and materially, of those in our mission areas who are poor and oppressed involuntary victims of their conditions. We feed the soul and the body, the results of which can be one and the same. Gandhi once said, “There are so many hungry people that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” Regardless of one’s preferred style—indeed maybe because of the Dominicans’ notable diversity—the Order of Preachers’ charism has proven itself over time to be compassionate and merciful, unobtrusive and respectful, good and true, paving the way for our Mission Foundation to play a major role in strengthening the position of the Church and the growth of vocations in our mission areas. Certainly our Directors and our missionaries come away from their “jobs” with that rare gift of heightened insight into the collective human spirit reserved for true servants of God.



     San Francisco, California

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