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Teofila & Fr Tom
Mxcli Team

Mexicali, Mexico

We established our second missionary endeavor in 1995 in Mexicali and our Friars have been preaching the Word of God and building community there ever since. Upon arrival, they were confronted with a small agrarian border town that was being overwhelmed by a rush of destitute migrant families searching for employment in northern Mexico or hoping to emigrate to the U.S. Their immediate efforts were concentrated on alleviating the crushing poverty in the area, one of the poorest of the diocese. Over the years, with the help and enthusiasm of the parishioners, we have been able to construct a parish church and three chapels. Home visits and a monthly food subsidy are provided for the elderly, sick, poor, and abandoned of the parish. Our new catechetical center provides indoor meeting space and classrooms, and a recently-completed parish hall provides a place for holding special events where parishioners can unite in their struggles and celebrate in their joys.


Current ministries also address  the many immediate and desperate needs resulting from deportations and the volatile drug market. And recognizing the essential need to offer hope for the future to the youth of our parish, we established Arco Iris,  a lay movement which helps our otherwise angry, despairing young people make good Christian choices in light of the messages, temptations, and resulting doubts they receive from secular society. 


     San Francisco, California

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