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We must restore hope to young people,
help the old,

be open to the future, spread love.

Be poor among the poor.

We need to include the excluded and preach peace.

                                                                      ~Pope Francis, October 2013

     Since 1963, the dedicated missionaries of our Dominican Mission Foundation have provided spiritual, medical, material, and community care to those living in desperate circumstances in our mission areas, which today extend from Mexico, Guatemala, and Alaska to Equatorial Guinea and Iraq.  All donations and prayers enable and encourage our missionaries to continue their work on behalf of those whom they serve, offering them the faith and love  of the Good News; defending their human dignity and rights; improving the quality of their daily lives; and  instilling hope for their families' future. It is only through the generous support of our compassionate donors that we have been able to persevere with our efforts for almost 60 years, and we are truly grateful. Because of our size, our barebones budget, and our disdain of bureaucratic red tape, our donors give for all the right reasons--with humility and integrity. Please know that we, in turn, thank you simply, applaud you quietly, and, along with Jesus, embrace you in our hearts.

Missionaries in Action

Mexicali, Mexico
Equatorial Guinea
Chiapas, Mexico
Puerto Rico